The Lemon Plus Vitamin C Perfecting Serum contains plant and fruit extracts, which lighten facial dark spots and blemishes caused by acne, pregnancy, melasma, and hyperpigmentation. It is formulated with botanical extracts, which treat stubborn or hard to fade skin discolorations such as melasma and sun patches the sun. This brightening serum is also delicate and lightweight making it perfect for sensitive areas such as around the eyes.

  • Skin Concern: acne, oily skin, sensitive skin and delicate areas such as around the eyes

  • Recommended Skin Type: all skin types, specifically sensitive and oily skin

  • Used For: an even, flawless complexion, fading dark spots

  • For Use On: Face, hands or body

  • Product Form: Gel

Lemon plus Vitamin C: Perfecting Fade Serum