Anti-Ageing Skin Care Line 

The Anti-Ageing skin care treatment products featuring Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Lactic Acid), addresses the skin care concerns of maturing people of colour such as hyer-pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines. The anti-ageing skin care products accelerate skin regeneration, clears the skin and dead cells faster, and keeps the top layer of skin soft and radiant.


Ageing is the process of maturing. The gradual changes in the structure of a mature organism that occur normally over a period of time. The combination of unique plant proteins and fruit extracts create a powerful complex of ingredients which targets and treats specific skin care concerns. The structure of skin changes as it ages, and when exposed to the environment. Discolouration, wrinkles, fine lines and the elasticity begin. In addition, old cells leave the skin's surface and newer cells are replaced at a much slower process. Your skin and body need help to rejuvenate itself faster.


The Clear Essence Anti-Ageing line has been uniquely formulated for the mature people of color. It fades discolorations, and evens out skin tone while moisturizing the skin to maintain a healthy supple texture.


The Anti-Ageing formula is for the treatment of:  Hyper Pigmentation | Uneven Skin Tone | Ashiness Excessive Dryness | Environmental Damage

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